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Restaurants Open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (and Thanksgiving)!
Palm Springs, CA - 2023

In Palm Springs for the holidays? Need a restaurant for Xmas? Here is a list of restaurants open during the Thanksgiving and/or Christmas holidays:

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Finding Restaurants Open on Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time for visiting family & friends, relaxing, and traveling. While traditionally meals during this time are taken with family, in today's world there are often occasions where you need to find a place to eat somewhere where you don't have family or friends available. But that's where things become difficult - the vast majority of restaurants are closed on holidays, particularly Thanksgiving and Christmas. How do you find a restaurant open during these times?

Palm Springs is a popular destination spot. With it's gentle southern California climate and multitude of resorts and spas, late fall and winter is a popular time to visit the area. It's only a couple hours drive from the Los Angeles and San Diego areas, making it a convenient weekend trip for many. Fortunately, this also makes it easier to find restaurants that are open during Thanksgiving and Christmas, as so many people there are travelers.

Above is a good collection of restaurants that are open during Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and/or Christmas Day dinner. Many are in hotels or resorts, and most offer either an all-you-can-eat buffet or a prix fixe-style menu.

It's highly recommended to make reservations for these meals; this will allow you to confirm that the restaurant is indeed open during the time and that they have availability at your desired time. You can usually reserve by calling the phone number for the restaurant, and many also use an online service such as OpenTable to handle reservations through the Internet.

You may also consider going ethnic! Many restaurants catering to those with international tastes may be more likely to follow a different holiday schedule and so may be more likely to be open during the holidays.

With this list & guide, we hope you have success finding an excellent place for your holiday meals. Bon appétit and happy holidays!

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