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How to Find a Green Carpet Cleaner?

What do you do when your carpet is dirty? Your carpet is what feet and maybe shoes step on, and the material it's made of helps it retain dust, dirt, and microbes. But it's also part of your home, and it can also be a play area for children or a relaxing spot for pets.

That's why many people are turning to green, eco-friendly carpet cleaning. Why clean your carpet with harsh chemicals that may do as much harm as what was on the carpet to begin with? It's also important to consider what happens to those chemicals - these are generally not substances we want ending up in our water supply.

Some carpet cleaners themselves have experienced health issues, most likely due to their exposure to the chemicals used for cleaning. There are reports that many typical carpet cleaning solutions contain carcinogens. Others may cause problems with the nervous system. A green company should try to avoid these dangerous chemicals and work with safer, natural solutions instead.

When searching for a green carpet cleaner, there are a number of things to consider:

  • The amount of water used - the less water, the more eco-friendly.
  • Quality of chemicals - choose a provider that uses high-quality chemicals that leave your rugs clean and free of residue.
  • Affordability and customer service - you probably want to have an effective and throrough cleaning and don't want to overpay for inferior results. You can try customer review websites to see what kind of experience other customers have had with the companies in question.

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