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Found 1 local business for "breakfast pizza" near New York, NY with reviews.

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353 West Street, New York, NY 10014

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Enjoy live jazz music while dining on the Hudson, with fantastic views of Manhattan - bountiful brunch buffet menu

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A YLocale Guide To Finding Great Pizza

Who has the best pizza near you? This is a tough question and you will not be likely to be able to get five different people to agree on the same answer. You will find as many opinions as there are pizza toppings. So here we will try and asnwer the question of how to find the best pizza ... for you!

New York vs Chicago

The first question to ask though is whether you are looking for a "New York"-style pizza with a thin crust or a "Chicago"-style deep-dish pizza? A good New York pizza will have a nice, crispy crust with an excellent flavored sauce. A good deep-dish pizza on the other hand should have an inch or so of delicious dough sometimes with cheese inserted, and then a copious amount of toppings.

Keep in mind that a deep dish pizza often takes longer to bake, so there may be a bit more of a wait once you place your order. Calling ahead might be a good way to reduce the wait time.

Nowadays you will also find "California" pizza - which seems to mean having less-common ingredients such as duck, salmon, or even zucchini flowers.


What are your favorites? There are the old standbys, such as pepperoni, mushrooms, sausage, and anchovies. But these days you can find almost anything on a pizza, from cloves of garlic to bacon, from egg to capers. Most pizza places will also offer pre-arranged combinations where they have (hopefully) picked a selection of toppings that go well together with each other.

Lactose Intolerant?

Although some people may give you a strange look, you can get pizza with no cheese at all - it's actually not bad! Some places may also have non-dairy cheese, usually made of soy or a similar vegetarian ingredient.

Decor and Price

Pizza is usually not considered fine dining, but pizza joints range from gritty and grungy to fancy and refined. Similarly, the price can vary quite a bit, from $2 / slice to $8 for an extra topping.

Da Best

So who wins? To be fair, the answer will probably change depending on what day it is and what kind of a mood we're in. The best way to tell is to go and try them yourself! And let your friends know which ones you like, or share your thoughts on social networks and review sites. And get a good start by looking at a list of pizza places right here on YLocale with reviews and pictures.

Buon Appetito!

This information has not been verified by YLocale and may not be reliable. Please use at your own risk.

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