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List of 4 local businesses for "food" near New York County, New York, NY with reviews.

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Tastefully Simple

       We offer a wide selection of convenient, easy-to-prepare foods designed to help people spend less time in the kitchen and more time with their daily lives. 

Tastefully Simple
3014 Randall avenue , Bronx , NY , 10465

Dough Brooklyn

Artisanal handcrafted doughnuts and exotic flavors: hibiscus, passion fruit, lemon poppy...

Dough is a concept that stated out of our love for doughnuts.

448 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205
(347) 533-7544
448 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11205

RJS Pest Management

286 Madison Avenue #502, New York, NY 10017

RJS practices Integrated Pest Management at every customer site in the NYC metropolitan area on every service. We emphasize quality service, food safety, public safety, collaboration and communication, respect for the environment and the protection of your facility and reputation.

RJS Pest Management
286 Madison Avenue #502, New York, NY, 10017

Ornella Trattoria Italiana

29-17 23 Ave

Astoria, NY 11105

Telephone: 1-718-777-9477
Fax: 1-718-777-9177

Ornella is the crown jewel of Astoria Fine Dining, serving delicious Regional Italian Cuisine in a fun and lively atmosphere.

One of the finest Italian Restaurants in New York, Ornella serves pure Italian flavors and specialties that you have never eaten before. You will find the finest and freshest Italian ingredients in the food served here to relish for a long time.

So don’t crave no more and satisfy your taste buds when you visit us. Ornella Trattoria is also accepting online ordering for your favorite food now. Also check out our special deals and bargains for availing the best deals for a relishing feast.

Ornella Trattoria Italiana
29-17 23 Ave, Astoria, NY, 11105
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